Tough Question #1

“Can you answer “The Tough Questions.”


Imagine that you are a Black man and the year is 1955. You’re walking down the street in the community known as Bridgeport in Chicago and four white men pull up beside you in a Chevy.

Are you afraid?

The year is 1964 and you are a young Black man driving down a dark road on your way to Meridian, Mississippi with two Jewish associates, when you see the bright lights of a car in your rear view mirror. Then, you see a flashing red light and know that it is a police vehicle.

Do you feel safe or are you forever regretful?

As a Black man in the year 2010, you’re driving through Chicago’s Englewood community and you quite appropriately stop at a stop sign. Before you can pull off, four Black men pull up next to your car.

Are you scared?

Where do you as a Black American feel safe?

Where do you feel threatened?

Why are we still afraid?

Haven’t we been afraid long enough?

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Author: askingourselvesthetoughquestions

Author of "Black America: Asking Ourselves The Tough Questions."

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