I can see it no other way.

If indeed our emotions and thought processes cause a corresponding chemiccropped-many-questions-logo-for-wordpress.jpgal reaction in our bodies and perhaps leaves scars upon our souls, then the masses across this planet are now being poisoned.  Actually, it took place throughout the campaign and is kicking up a notch now. If the CDC were to catagorize what is happening to us, we would be in the midst of an epidemic and a state of emergency would be declared.

Trump, throughout his campaign and possibly his entire existence, has incited negativity.  (And, I could give that a whole lot of names, but why waste the time.)  He plants seeds that will never sprout anything that will be of benefit to our world.  He is the equivalent of someone, who knows that poison ivy will give you a bad reaction, but passes it around with a straight face and tells you, that’s a rose.

Maybe there are some of you here, who know all the medical terms for the chemical reaction that occurs, in our bodies, when we hate or get all caught up and are stressed out. (Not to mention taking up time, in our lives, that can be better spent.)

Looking around me at the emotional outbreaks across this country, I see the equivalent of our food, water and air being poisoned.  His presence and agenda is no different than being poisoned based on our responses to his platform.  (It’s no different than drinking Jone’s portion, except he is feeding it into the mentality to the masses and they are intaking it in without knowledge of its long-term harm upon themselves.) If it’s possible to make people feel empowered while committing suicide, then he’s done it. How does one get people to put a gun to their heads and ask them to very, very slowly to pull the trigger and at the same time make them feel empowered?

Let’s declare #Trump and his team a national diaster and figure out how NOT to let hate win and bring disease into our bodies, mar our spirits or affect our universe. After thousands or millions of years of existence as a species, why would we now choose to become the equivalent of cave dwellers? Why would we sink so low?  I think that we can do better.

Not drinking what #Trump and his team is serving.  I’ve made the personal decision to do better. 

What about you?

Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Author — Black America: Asking Ourselves The Tough Questions

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Time to ask The Tough Questions.