Tough Question #1

“Can you answer “The Tough Questions.”


Imagine that you are a Black man and the year is 1955. You’re walking down the street in the community known as Bridgeport in Chicago and four white men pull up beside you in a Chevy.

Are you afraid?

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Welcome to The Tough Questions.

Time to ask The Tough Questions.
Time to ask The Tough Questions.

The Book Is. . .

“Black America: Asking Ourselves The Tough Questions”  by Sonja Cassandra Perdue is a formalized, five-part “Q & A” discussion that began in July 2010.

This series of books will challenge Black America to collectively engage in a dialogue designed to initiate solutions to our collective concerns and issues.

“Asking Ourselves The Tough Questions” is for personal conversations, family dinners, bus rides to work, class study, mornings in the neighborhood coffee shops and those private moments.

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